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DIY Decor Tape Toolbox

Hey guys! Today I am sharing this restyled tool box I posted on the Hazel and Ruby blog yesterday.

I found the toolbox at a yard sale for $2 ( I love going to yard sales! You find all sorts of neat things.) and knew it would be perfect to hold craft supplies. It just needed a new look.

I used the new "Color me Floral" DIY Decor Tape from Hazel and Ruby with it's gorgeous flower pattern as well as the Red Scallop tape.

If you haven't tried out Hazel and Ruby's new DIY Decor Tapes yet, they're amazing and available both online and at JoAnns!

I started by spray painting my tool box yellow using some Krylon spray paint. The toolbox started out a dark greenish black color and I wanted something lighter so that the decor tape was more vibrant.

I placed a large strip of the "Color me Floral" DIY Decor Tape on to the top of my tool box. I cut a slit in the tape and slid the handle through it. For the clasps I actually put the tape right over them, and used a craft knife to cut away the tape around them.

I wrapped the Red Scallop tape around the bottom half of the toolbox, wrapping it around the sides.

One cool thing about the "Color me Floral" tape is that you can actually color the flowers if you want! I didn't want to overwhelm my pattern with color, but I did use copics to color in a few of the flowers.

If you want more crafty inspiration, hop over to the Hazel and Ruby blog!

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