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DIY Decor Tape Floor Mat

I shared this project on the Hazel and Ruby blog last month (right before CHA) yet somehow I forgot to share it here on Punk Projects! Oh well, here it is now!

In case you missed it, Hazel and Ruby just announced their new DIY Decor Tape.  4-24" washi style tape?? Yes, please! Trust me when I say these tapes are super awesome!
They are officially for sale and showing up in craft stores, like JoAnns!

I used a couple to create this stylish (and super easy!) floor mat.

Supplies: Vinyl floor cloth (used for painting), Hazel and Ruby Decor Tape in 2 colors/patterns, Duct tape, Scissors

1. Start by cutting your vinyl floor mat to the size you want, I cut mine to about 2'x3'. You can pick up these mats at Home Depot or other stores, they're used as painting drop cloths.

2. Starting with your first color, place a strip of the decor tape along your mat, leaving about 1" hanging off of the side and ends.

3. Take your second color and place it right next to your first piece (slightly overlapping) and again, giving it about 1" of extra tape on the ends.

Repeat until you completely cover you vinyl mat.

4. Flip your vinyl mat upside down and fold the extra tape over around the backside and stick it down. You may need to add a little bit of extra tape (something super strong, like duct tape) to the back, covering the edges just to make sure the tape ends don't come up from use.

That's it! I love that there are so many things you can do with the Decor Tape! I really want to cover a wall!

What would you do with their new large tapes?
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  1. What a great idea! The mat doesn't even look like tape. If I had these tapes, I would probably try to combine them with some wood pieces (like wood letters, boxes etc.) that you could get at the craft store.


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