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Product Review- Amazing Remelt

Today's product review is the Amazing Remelt mold by Alumilite. I saw this mold in their booth at CHA earlier this month and thought it was really.. Amazing! I chatted with the folks at the Alumilite booth and they decided to send me a mold to review, so here it is! :)

I actually reviewed this on the Indie Crafts blog over at Craft Gossip, but I wanted to share it here for you guys as well.

For my first test project using the remelt mold, I chose a few buttons, tiny embroidery scissors and a mini spool. I took the remelt material out of it's container, cut it up into little squares (It looks a lot like Jello when you do this!) and microwaved for about 15 seconds at a time until it was a liquid.

Amazing Remelt comes in multiple sizes, but I'm using the .625lbs mold for this project.

I put the items I wanted to make a mold of from inside the container that the mold came in and poured the liquid mold over top of them.

It did take quite a while to cool off and harden (I'm not very patient), so don't get in a hurry. Once it became solid again My buttons and scissors came out nicely!

My "mini" spool was actually a little too tall for my mold so it didn't turn out right. Oh well.

To try out my new mold, I dusted the inside with a little bit of Alumilite metallic powders and then poured in some Amazing Clear Cast, which also took a while to completely cure. You can see my completed resin buttons and scissors below. They came out quite nicely, I think!

Overall thoughts- I think this mold is fantastic! Personally, I only most molds a few times before I get tired of that shape, so I love that I can just remelt this mold making material and shape it into a new mold whenever I feel like it. It's completely reusable! If you like doing Resin crafts, or maybe need a chocolate or fondant mold, definitely check out the Remelt! It is.... Amazing!

Thanks, Alumilite, for sending me a free Amazing Remelt mold to review!
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