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Photographing Inks Lake + Astrophotography

Last month we went camping at Inks Lake state park, it is such a beautiful park. We had a good adventure, it did rain on us both nights (it's not a camping trip until it rains, right?) and on Sunday morning we woke up to freezing rain. I loved it though.

I got some good nature shots too!

I got a remote for my camera for Christmas and I've really been wanting to try doing some astrophotography (pictures of stars). Here are my very first attempts at astrophotography (and a little light painting):

I took about 35 photos at 15 second exposures and layered them to get the movement of the stars in this photo. That's what I love about astrophotography, is that you can see how the stars spin!
While it's nowhere near as good as some of the photos I've seen on pinterest, I'm thrilled that I figured it out the first time!

The photo below is a bit more photoshopped, I added more spin just for fun.

For the photo below, I only layered a few shots, so you don't have a spin but you do see more stars.

On this last one, it's just one photo at a 15 second exposure. Magical, isn't it?

I really want to try doing more and practice doing an even longer exposure but I've already learned quite a bit... I only got about 35-40 photos because the temperature reached the dew point and my lens started fogging up! Now I know that for next time though!
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