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DIY Valentines Elephant Art

Sometimes when Taylor is in town. we just break out any fun new supplies I might have and make something small and fun. This is one of those projects!

I recently got a bunch of iron on transfer sheets from Tulip  and so we used those to make this adorable Valentines inspired art.

We call it "eLOVEphant art". :)

Supplies: Tulip  Iron On Glitter/Holographic Transfer Sheets, Scissors, Die Cut Machine (optional), Iron, Embroidery Thread, Needle, Embroidery Hoop, Muslin Fabric

1. Start by cutting out your elephant and hearts from the iron on transfer sheets. I actually used my Brother Scan N Cut die cut machine to cut them out, but I know not everyone has a die cut machine. 

Those of you that don't- You can find an elephant shape online and use it as a template to cut it out by hand.

Also cut out about 9 or so hearts.

2. Place your embroidery hoop on top of your muslin and use it as a guide for where you want your elephant.

3. Remove the hoop and iron on the design according to the instructions on the envelope (covering with a piece of fabric and pressing firmly for 40 seconds).

4. Now get out some red and black embroidery thread! New to embroidery? Wild Olive has fantastic tutorials for embroidery basics.

Start by placing your fabric inside your embroidery hoop, making it tight.

5. Use the red thread to make simple running stitches up through the larger hearts.

6. Use the black embroidery thread to give your elephant an eye.

7. Flip your embroidery hoop over and trim away the extra fabric.

That's it! This was really quite easy and is one of the cutest crafts I think we've done in a while. I love it!

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