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DIY Restyled Map Cart

Today I am sharing this project on the Hazel and Ruby blog. One of my neighbors had put this old cart/side table out on the curb. I've been looking (collecting?) out for little carts like this so I was excited and grabbed it!

The cart was just a plain, dark brown. I decided it definitely needed a brighter, peppier look. I LOVE the maps of the world Wrap It Up paper from Hazel and Ruby so I combined it + some "Blue Ocean Breeze" Krylon spray paint to give this table it's new look!

The how-to is extremely easy, but if you want to read more about how I did it, hop over to the Hzael and Ruby blog here.

I'm using this handy cart to hold my Silhouette Portrait. It's the perfect size, and now thanks to Hazel and Ruby it is cute as well! :) I've now got three of these little carts (although, sadly, this one doesn't have wheels.) and I love them.

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