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DIY Resin Gummy Bear Mold

Resin is one of the many different mediums I like to experiment with every now and then. I have so many different things I like to do though that I don't get around to using resin all that often.

I was however inspired to bust out my resin supplies when I had the idea to make resin gummy bears. I mean, What's cooler than resin gummy bears??

I took pictures of how I made the mold, so if you want to make your own faux gummy bears, here's how:

Supplies: Amazing Mold Putty, Amazing Clear Cast Resin, Gummy Bears

Note- when picking out your gummy bears to use for the mold make sure not to get any defective bears! You don't want one that's missing a leg.

1. Start by mixing equal amounts of the mold putty together, until they're one color.

2. Next form your mold into a strip that's about 1.5"-2" tall and wide enough for a few gummies. Don't spread your putty out too thin though, you want it sturdy.

3. Place however many gummy bears will fit into your mold, pressing them in firmly.Make sure the mold putty squeezes in around them.

4. Let your mold putty completely dry, following the instructions on the container and then remove your gummy bears.

5. Now you can mix up some resin and pour it in to your mold to make faux gummy bears! I used clear resin, mixing in a little bit of Alumilite dye into it to create the color of the gummy bears.

I turned my gummy bears into keychains, just using a keyring and a few jumprings and eyehooks.

I actually started this project back in September, making the resin gummy bears. But I have been traveling so much since them I just recently finished turning my gummy bears into these cute key chains!

Have you tried using resin? It definitely has a learning curve but I've enjoyed experimenting with it!

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