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DIY Faux Seed Bead Phone Case

This project was one of the handmade stocking stuffers I created for my Sister, Taylor. I made her some custom sunglasses with seed beads on them (following this fantastic tutorial) and I wanted to create her a phone case as well!

I was afraid the phone case would get beat up, being in and out of pockets, purses, hands etc so I didn't want to attach real seed beads. Instead, I decided to just give the case the look of a seed bead pattern using a little paint!

Supplies: Phone Case, Paint, Small Paint Brush, Graph Paper, Markers

1. I started by googling different patterns I thought could work. Try searching "tribal patterns" or "seed bead patterns" for inspiration!

Next I used some graph paper and Sharpies to figure out my pattern and what color scheme I wanted.

2. Once you figure out your color scheme, pull out the paints!

3. Now the fun part! I used a small tip paint brush for this step. But if you don't have one small enough, just flip a paint brush upside down and use the other end for tiny dots.

Start with your first color and apply small "dots" of paint in your pattern.

4. Continue adding paint dots to look like seed beads, following your pattern and switching colors on different rows.

5. Let dry completely! I also went over it with some Mod Podge just to make sure the paint couldn't be scratched off easily!

I gave it to Taylor for Christmas and she loved it, which makes me happy! What do you think? Do you like the look of seed beads?

I should restyle my own phone case, it's just a solid pink and it's begging for a restyle! :)
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