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DIY Desk Organizer from Pirouline Tins

Hey guys, it's time for my first recycled Pirouline DIY of the year! For the past year I've partnered with Pirouline to bring you fun and crafty ways to restyle your empty Pirouline tins I'm bringing you even more fun projects in the upcoming months!

For today's project I wanted to share this desk organizer I created. I'm starting the new year off right by trying to be more organized and keep things tidy, so making an organizer was the perfect project for this month!

Supplies needed: 3 Empty Pirouline Tins, Glue, Paper, Spray Glitter, Raffia or Ribbon

 1. Start by cutting your papers to the size you need. The skinny tins are about 5.3/4" and the larger tin is about 6.5" tall.

2. Apply glue to the backs of your papers and wrap them around your tins. You can use a liquid glue, double stick tape, or even spray adhesive. As long as it will stick well to both paper and metal!

3. Give your tins a bit of glitter with spray glitter. This is optional, but I feel it gives the plain paper a finished touch. I love Krylon's Glitter Blast spray.

4. Use a strong glue like E6000 to glue your tins together. Just place a line of glue on opposite sides of the largest tin and place the smaller tins against it.

5. Use a rubber band to hold it together while it dries.

6. I wanted to add some extra embellishment so I tied a few strands raffia around them. Simple, yet a clean modern look. :)

I added pencils, scissors and my watercolor brushes into my organizer and have it sitting right beside my desk on one of my restyled carts. It's perfect!

Want more recycled projects? You can see all of the Pirouline Tin projects I did last year here.
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