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Art inspired by Poems

Today I want to share with you some sketches I've done recently. These drawings are actually inspired by poems that my Aunt, Tamera Rickman, wrote. She's an author and has a couple of books published, which I painted some custom tote bags for last year.

I love reading and I love art, so you combine the two and I love it even more. Creating art inspired by books or poems is a really fun thing to do.

My Aunt asked me if I would be interested in illustrating a few of her poems, so of course I said yes. The poems are all about "elemental girls". They're beautiful, and they were just begging to be illustrated!

Child of Mother Earth

Mistress of the Flame

Enchantress of the Ice

Sister of the Sands

Daughter of the Sea

Maiden of the Sky

I used a combination of Copic Markers and watercolors to color these.

Have you ever done any art inspired by poems or books?
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