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12 Ways to Restyle a Pirouline Tin

For the past year I've partnered with Pirouline to bring you fun and crafty ways to restyle your empty Pirouline tins (after you eat all of your cookies!) and I'm excited to say that I'm bringing you even more Pirouline DIYs this year!

If you have any empty tins hanging around, here are 12 ways I've come up with to reuse them!

  1. Owl Tins
  2. Tin Can Lanterns
  3. Glitter and Lace Tins
  4. Tribal and Rope Supply Holder
  5. Ombre Hanging Planter
  6. Firecracker Tins
  7. Pencil Tins
  8. Cactus Vase Tins
  9. Faux Wax Drip Candles
  10. Autumn Leaves Tins
  11. Yule Log Tins
  12. Mr. and Mrs Snowmen Tins
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  1. I love your Restyle Pirouline Tins! I'm happy to see that you will be making more this year. My favorite project out of this is list is number 11 because you really can't tell it was a Pirouline Tin to begin with! Also, I'm loving your new blog design :)

    1. Thanks so much! I decided I needed a new blog look for 2015. :)


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