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Woodland Animal Inspired Pine Needle Baskets

Making pine needles baskets is a fun new hobby of mine, I like to work on them while I'm watching a Star Trek episode, or just chilling out. It's relaxing.

I shared my first 4 baskets here on the blog already, but I just finished both of these and I wanted to share them as well.

It wasn't planned, but they both ended up being inspired by woodland animals. I created the center for the first basket from clay and as I was deciding what to put on it, my obsession with foxes just sort of took over. Same with the owl.

A friend actually wanted to purchase a custom basket, and she told me to just "surprise her" when it came to colors, design, etc.

I decided to use a hand painted leather center and as I picked up my paintbrush I just decided it wanted to be an owl. I found the beads in my stash and liked the way they looked so I added them on as well.

I've only made a total of 6 baskets so far since I started making these but I've learned so much! I learned how to make handles, which I added onto both of these baskets.

Have you ever tried making pine needle baskets?
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  1. I have never made pine needle baskets. Personally, I always thought they would be really difficult to make.

    It will probably come as no surprise to you, when I say that I love that fox basket! The color combination of the orange and blue really makes the fox ''pop''. It would be really cute if you kept going with the whole woodland animal theme and had a squirrel basket, a bunny basket and so on. If I were you, I would definitely start selling some in your shop! :)

    1. Thanks, Katie!! The fox is a favorite of mine as well! They're surprisingly not that difficult once you figure them out!
      I do want to list some in my shop and just see if any sell! :)

  2. These are so spectacular! Do you sell any in your shop? I must save my pennies and snag one if you do!

    1. Thanks!!
      I don't have any in my shop YET, but I hope to list some soon! I can also do custom baskets- so if you wanted something specific in the middle let me know. ;)


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