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DIY Spray Painted Vase + Review: The Bouqs

As you may know, I do post product reviews here on the blog once in a while if it's something I like or something I think you might like. I received an email from The Bouqs a week or so ago, wanting to know if I wanted to get a bouquet of flowers to review. I thought "why not?"

Disclaimer: I received free flowers for this post. I was not paid although this post contains affiliate links.

I hadn't heard of The Bouqs before I was contacted (I don't buy flowers very often) but I decided to check out their website which is super easy to navigate. You can even change the theme of the website (FUN!) from rustic, to light and bright, or for business. Okay, so that part isn't important but I liked it.

What I thought was really neat as I was reading about The Bouqs is that the flowers are grown on the side of an active volcano in South America. How awesome is that?

I chose the Recognize Bouq which is filled with Orange Lillium Asiatic! The flowers start out at $40, and you can get deluxe and grand bouquets for more. The Bouqs come with free delivery, but because they're coming from a Volcano at the equator they take a little while to get to their destination. That wasn't a problem for me though...

The flowers came packaged nicely and although they were just buds that hadn't bloomed yet, within about 5 days the majority of buds had bloomed. The blooms were gorgeous!

My overall opinion: Beautiful blooms! If you're wanting fast delivery, this probably isn't for you. But if you don't mind waiting a week to get your bouquet, the flowers are lovely!!

Since I had these gorgeous flowers from The Bouqs, I needed a pretty vase as well. I had this clear vase but I thought it was a bit boring, so I grabbed some spray paint and fancied it up in about 5 minutes! Here's how:

Supplies: Vase, Krylon Hammered Finish Spray Paint, Glitter Spray, Raffia

1. Spray paint your vase using a silver spray paint. I love the look of hammered finish paint. Let that dry.
2. Spray your vase with glitter spray. Let dry.
3. Tie 2 pieces of raffia around the neck of your vase, wrapping them a couple of times for a finished look.
4. Add flowers!

*This post contains affiliate links.

Do you like to restyle vases?
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