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DIY Recycled Pirouline Tin Mr and Mrs Snowmen

Hey there! Today I have my last recycled Pirouline tin project for 2014. If you're new here, I post a recycled Pirouline tin craft every month! You can find them all here. Last Christmas I turned some empty Pirouline tins into Yule Logs and this year I decided to make Mr and Mrs Snowmen!

I have a friend who loves any Christmas decorations that are "Mr & Mrs", so that's what inspired this project. These snowmen are so easy that this would make a great project for kiddos as well!

Supplies: Empty Pirouline Tins, White Spray Paint (or acrylic paint and a brush), Permanent Markers, Ribbon, Buttons, Hot Glue, Felt

1. Spray paint your empty tins white. It took me 2 coats.


2. Draw on your faces using permanent markers. Get creative!

3. Tie ribbon around your snowmen like scarves. Since mine are Mr and Mrs I decided to make the girl have a bright pink sequined scarf. You can secure these with hot glue.

4. Use hot glue to attach a few buttons down the fronts of your snowmen.

5. Cut a 1" strip of felt and glue it around the very top of your tin, above the face, to look like a hat!

Overall, this project turned out to be super easy and pretty adorable, I think!

What has been your favorite recycled Pirouline Project from 2014?
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