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In the Studio

Back in September I started a new feature here at Punk Projects: In the Studio. Basically, I share behind the scenes peeks at what I'm working on, and what's happening in my crafty life.


  • I tried screen printing for the first time! That was fun, I printed the saguaro cactus pictured above.
  • It was raining on Tuesday so I decided it was the perfect day to draw.
  • I decorated an ugly Christmas sweater this week. I cannot wait to share it! Let's just say it's pretty nerdy. :)
  • I started offering free shipping on my custom shoes! Just in time for Christmas.


  • We did 2 Halloween costumed rides. I dressed up as Katniss for both of them!
  • Taylor is going to be here next week, so we have a lot of crafty things planned.
  • I'm torn between enjoying Autumn and looking forward to Christmas. I'm actually listening to Christmas music right now...
What's been happening in your life? Anything interesting? :)
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