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Garden of the Gods Mini Album at PWP

Today I'm up on the Paper Wings Productions blog sharing this mini album I created using photos from my trip to Garden of the Gods.

I actually experimented with a new binding technique for this mini album, as you can see in the photo above!
I was chain stitching the patterned papers down onto the cardstock pages of my mini album, not bothering to cut them apart while I was stitching them and when I was done I ended up with all of them stitched together like above. Sort of like a sewn accordion album!

Here are all of my pages, in a collage. I did a lot of stamping along the edges of my mini album, and I stamped out the title on my front cover, keeping it simple so that the title really stands out.

Would you like to see a tutorial on this binding technique? It was pretty easy!

Hop on over to the PWP blog if you get a chance!
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