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DIY Christmas Garland Candle

It's official- Just1 month until Christmas! I may be a little bit excited...

Today I have a simple Christmas inspired project for you guys! A Christmas candle! I think this would be awesome for Christmas centerpieces, or you could make a bunch of these and put them in the fireplace instead of a real fire.

You could make this in other colors and give them as Christmas gifts as well.

Supplies: Candle, Quick Drying Glue or Hot Glue (I used 450 Quick Dry Glue), Christmas Garland.

1. Start by securing the end of your garland at the bottom back edge of your candle, as pictured below. I just used a dot of 450 Quick Dry glue.

2. Begin wrapping your garland around your candle. You want it pretty snug, and you can add some glue in between it and the candle if you need to.

3. When you get to the end of your garland, or when you feel you've got enough of the candle covered, Glue the remaining end down on the backside of the candle.

Looking for another easy-peasy candle project? Check out these Rhinestone Candles.

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