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Autumn Rhinestone Candles DIY

I have to say, I love how these candle turned out. I mean, they really couldn't be any easier (unless the rhinestones had adhesive backs, maybe?), and yet they are stunning!

Amazing what a little bit of bling can do, right?

Supplies: Candles, Flat Backed Rhinestones, Quick Drying Glue or Hot Glue (I used Helmar's 450 Quick Dry).

1. Choose the rhinestones you want to use, I chose both large and small.
Apply Glue to the back of your first rhinestone and adhere it to the candle.

If you're doing a design (rather then random bling), Make sure to repeat the same rhinestone on the opposite side of the candle.

3. Continue adding larger rhinestones until you've made a border along the bottom edge.

4. Now add in a few small rhinestones.

Super simple! You can get rid of the glue strings by hitting your candle with a heat gun or a blow dryer, but don't heat it for too long- you don't want your candle to melt!!

This could also be done in so many colors- red, white and blue for the 4th of July? Red and green for Christmas?

What colors would you do this in?

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