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San Diego Photography

Hey everyone, Happy October!

Today I wanted to share some of the many photos I took during our 1 day trip to San Diego in August. We were staying in Phoenix, but we were so close to California and having never been there we just had to take a trip to the coast even though we only had day to do it.

So we loaded up, drove across the desert and hit the town! We walked all over Balboa Park, drove around the town, stopped at a FroYo place, and then went to La Jolla.

I have to say, I think my favorite part of our trip was swimming at La Jolla. The water was chilly, so I was actually the only one to get in. It was my first time at the Pacific ocean though, and you know, there were seals (!!!) so I was definitely getting in!

Have you been to San Diego? I loved it.
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