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Happy Halloween!

Hey guys, Happy Halloween! I wanted to share my costume with you- I'm Katniss from The Hunger Games this year and every part of my costume is handmade!

 (In the photo above, I did totally photoshop myself into district 12.)

Fort Worth was having a spooky bike ride with the mayor, so we dressed up in costume and headed out on our bikes! The ride stopped at the cemetery!
Below you can see my costume, and my Mom and Dad dressed up as well- My Mom is Arachnia, the Spider Queen and my Dad is a Tweed English Man. :)

Over all, I was extremely pleased! During our ride last night, people kept yelling out "Katniss!" and giving me the 3 finger respect hand symbol.

Are you dressed up for Halloween? If so, what as??
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  1. That shawl/half sweater (what is the proper name for it??) came out amazing! I love it. It was actually one of my favorite costume pieces from the movie. You rocked the costume - a great Katniss!!

    1. Thanks! ;)
      I call it a "katniss cowl". My Mom actually made it for my sister, but I stole it for my costume.


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