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Book Review- Craft Fail

Hey guys, I received a copy of the book Craft Fail by Heather Mann from Workman publishing and so today I'm sharing review + a fun little interview with the Author!

First, here's a little bit about CraftFail from the publisher's website:
"CRAFTFAIL (Workman; November 2014) illustrates the hilariously gruesome underbelly of the creative process. Inspired by her own craft experiences, Heather gathered real-life home decor fails, fashion fails, holiday fails, food fails, kid crafting fails, and best of all—EPIC fails (those projects that are so inspiring that they are attempted again and again by members of the crafty tribe to, quite frankly, disastrous results)! Filled with over 100 full-color photographs of the hoped-for outcome and the underwhelming reality (plus captions pointing out what went wrong), these embarrassing and often pathetic crafting attempts are the stuff that gets the “A for Effort” and LOL for outcome."

Although it's sad, I have to say that some of the projects in this book are pretty funny! I can admit to having a few pretty good fails and it's a bit comforting that others have had complete craft failures as well.

I'm lucky enough to have had Heather answer a few interview questions for me. It sounds like she learned craft fails the hard way, but haven't we all?

Why did you start
After a series of craft ideas went horribly wrong! I hate wasting time and effort, so the thought of blogging about my fails occurred to me. That was in 2009.

What is one of your craft fails?
I fail a lot, but some of my favorites are when I made soap that looked like Spam, then followed it up with refried bean soap, and cheddar cheese soap. Apparently I have a hidden talent for making soap that looks like unappetizing food.

What is your favorite type of crafting?

I get distracted by all the different crafts I like to do, so it's hard to pick just one. When I'm crafting just for me, I enjoy making headbands and combining old broken jewelry into new necklaces.

More about Heather:
Heather Mann, the founder of and, has been crafting with middling success all her life, but blogging expertly since 2000. She is also cofounder of The Blueprint Social, a social media consulting company and network of influential bloggers, and cohost of the web show Get a Little Creative. She lives and crafts in Salem, Oregon.

If you're looking for a fun craft book that isn't a tutorial book, a fun read, or just need some comfort after your most recent pintrosity, you can grab a copy of CraftFail here. 
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