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Project Life August

Today I'm on the Love My Tapes blog sharing my project life spread using photos from the first week of August.

I'm pretty new to Project Life, so I'm still trying to figure out just what my project life style is. I love the look of having mostly just photos, but at the same time I love being artsy and embellishing things!

These photos are from the first week in August when we left on a road trip for Arizona. We went through west Texas, New Mexico and Arizona so we stopped at a few cool places along the way.
The Blue Hole in New Mexico was neat, although it was a bit too chilly to swim, not to mention we were on the road!
I also loved going through the Petrified Forest and down through Arizona.

I used quite a bit of washi tape on this spread, if you get a chance hop over to the Love my Tapes blog to read my post!
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  1. I absolutely love Project Life. I really want to get back into doing it. But then I think I will wait until the beginning of the coming year so I can have a full year to document. ;) I love how you used the washi tape to add some pattern to the tops and bottoms of your photos.

    1. I'm trying to find a way that works best for me! I haven't been doing it weekly, because some weeks there just hasn't been anything to document, you know?

  2. Very nice! I'm hoping to get out to Petrified Forest this fall, too. Do you have recommendations for things to do or places to eat?

    1. Thank you, Kam!

      Sadly, we only got to spend one day there, driving through. It's really neat though!
      We ate at the cafe in the national park visitor center/gift shop. It was really good for just cafe food, and I'm pretty sure it was one of the only places around, haha!

      The national forests southwest of the petrified forest are gorgeous! We drove through them on our way to Phoenix.

      If you happen to take a trip to Phoenix, I can recommend a bakery/cafe/breakfast place! Jewel's Bakery! Everything they make is gluten free, but it's so delicious you wouldn't know it!


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