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Make it Monday

Is it really the second week of Septmeber already? This is my favorite time of year, I love Autumn. Today's round up of projects aren't themed (like my last few Make it Monday posts) but still super inspiring.

Create this amazingly blingy Sequin Planter using this DIY.

Make some Fruit Slice Umbrellas with this DIY.

Create some Marbled Coasters using this tutorial.

Stitch up an adorable "Cutesy Cup Mug Rug" with this pattern and tutorial.

You know I love a good space themed project. Make these Constellation Organizers using this DIY.

I feel like I missed a ton of amazing DIY posts while I was on vacation last month! If you posted any awesome tutorials that you think I might like, send them to me and I might add them into a future Make it Monday post. :)

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