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Indiana Jones Exhibit Mini Album

This Summer the Indiana Jones exhibit was at the Ft. Worth Museum of Science and History. I'd been wanting to go and so my Mom, Dad and I went one day in July.

I love all of the Indiana Jones movies (I've also read all of the books- *nerd alert*) and I loved seeing the exhibit. There were props from all of the movies, as well as real archaeological finds which was neat.

I created this mini album using the photos we took. I knew right away I wanted to create a mini album and title it "It belongs in a museum". I had to! I also wanted it to look sort of like something from one of the movies.

Here are the inside pages-

I created the pocket above to hold our tickets and the postcard I bought.

My favorite prop was definitely the crystal skull alien! Are you an Indiana Jones fan?
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  1. So amazing and artsy! That pocket at the end it my favorite part of the album. :) And are those world puffy stickers?? They're adorable!!

    1. Aren't those stickers amazing? They're by some brand I'd never heard of, but I picked them up at the scrapbook convention.

  2. OMG I am so an Indiana Jones fan! I actually wanted to BE Indiana Jones after Raiders of the Lost Ark came out. Such a cool album. Love it!!

  3. I love the title!! I can hear him saying that. Great job!

  4. Yes I am! That kind of exhibit would be a dream come true.

  5. I love Indiana Jones! Seeing an exhibit like that would be freaking amazing. I love how your album turned out and the title is just perfect :)

  6. The design of this mini is perfect! And you picked a great title!


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