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The Creative Blog Hop

Hey guys! Today I'm participating in a Creative Blog Hop! You may have seen this blog hop going around the web, I think it's definitely a neat idea. If you haven't heard of it, it's a fun way of finding new creative friends and bloggers and learning more about the people behind their blogs!

First I wanted to tell you about the talented lady that invited me. Dana, from They Call Me Tater Salad.
Dana and I are on a couple of design team together. Dana is great at stamping and creates gorgeous layers in her work! I love her scrapbook layouts!

This blog hop is a tour of different creative blogs-Scrapbooking, Crafting, Mixed Media- the blogs in this hop are definitely ones that will inspire you! This is a great way to make new crafty friends!
As part of this hop, I'm answering a few questions about my creative process.

The short version- Creating is my passion
The Punk Projects blog + etsy shop is my job. I write this blog so that I can share my art with friends and anyone else who might need a little inspiration to make something.

I create because it's what I love doing. I enjoy getting paint all over my hands. Working 7 days a week. Burning my fingers with hot glue (ok, maybe not), Spending hours writing up blog posts, Painting shoes, Catching up on the trends, Speading glitter everywhere, and Connecting with other talented bloggers about random things like photos of a DIY project.

Currently, I'm taking a break from working on blog/work/diy projects while I help move my Sister across the country. The past few weeks I've actually been working double time on blog content to prepare for a road trip, so that I can relax and not worry about writing posts for the time that I'm away.

While I'm staying with her, I'm helping her decorate her new home so I am still creating! We're creating fun pieces of art for her walls, stitching up pillows to match her tribal theme and just doing general DIY's!

Right now I'm on 4 design teams, so I'm always working on projects using their products and creating tutorials for their blogs. I love being on design teams, it's a great way to work with companies, and getting to work with their products.

Here's a snapshot of what my desk looked like a couple of weeks ago- I always a cup of tea with me!

This is a hard question! I have multiple art styles that I do- artsy, vintage-y, DIY, etc. I like to combine my different styles sometimes, which *I think?* makes my projects stand out.

I would call my blog a "DIY blog" more than, say, a lifestyle blog. I'm less interested in fashion and style and am more about the art and the tutorials on how to make something yourself. However, there are a ton of talented bloggers who are also DIYer's so while I'm sure I stand out somehow, I'm not entirely sure just what is my defining style.
Perhaps you could help me out with this and tell me- What do you think makes me stand out?

If I'm creating just for fun, I don't usually stop to take pictures until I'm finished. If I'm creating a project for a tutorial, I take photos as I go.
I don't write my posts or tutorials while I'm creating, not on paper anyhow. Sometimes I write them in my head, but usually I wait until I'm sitting down with all of my pictures edited and uploaded before I start writing.

I am almost always working on projects! I have so many ideas in my head that not all of them make it into the creating stage.

That's it for me! Next week, the hop will continue on the 18th with a few of my amazingly talented friends-
  • Carmen from Serendipity Studio- Carmen is a mixed media artist, She's a DecoArt Blogger, a guest design for Paper Wings Productions, and more! I really love her style, and the notebooks she makes and sells in her etsy shop are lovely!

  • Heather from Kraaft Shaak - I actually met Heather through another friend, and as it turns out, she is an incredible artist! Heather hosts Kraaft it Live! Which is a weekly crafting show that you can watch on Google Plus or YouTube. Heather does different projects almost every week, my favorite is when she uses the Gelli Plate!

Thanks for reading my take on the Blog Hop. Look out for Heather's and Carmen's post next Monday, August 18th. The hop always takes place on a Monday. ;)
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