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Spock Deskmate Softie DIY + Pattern

Hi everyone! I'm Alicia from Felt With Love Designs where my husband, Patrick, and I write about all of our crafty and artistic endeavors. Patrick is the artist behind our designs. I create patterns from his sketches and bring them to life with a needle and thread. While we specialize in felt creations, we are also passionate about family, creative writing, crafts, drawing, reading, sewing, and education. Enough about us!

Today, we would like to share a tutorial and free pattern to make your own Spock Deskmate softie!

Spock Softie Deskmate Free Pattern - Felt With Love Designs

We came up with the idea for Deskmates specifically for Punk Projects! We wanted to design a softie pattern to share who also serves a purpose. Adding a small weight to the bottom not only helps him stand and keep you company on your desk but also assists as a paperweight!

When designing this project, I honestly didn't know how he would turn out but I was quite pleasantly surprised. The creation of Spock inspired Patrick to sketch an entire line of geeky characters! In fact, yesterday we shared Captain Kirk over on our blog. If you like Spock, you need to come check him out as well! To make your own Spock you will need:
  • The Pattern
  • Felt (black, tan, blue, grey)
  • Softie eyes (You could also use buttons or cut circles from felt)
  • thread to match felt
  • needle
  • scissors
  • Felt Glue (optional)
To make Spock:
  1. Cut all of the pieces from felt (I did not include a seam allowance in the pattern, except on the shirt pieces. For the body pieces and the head, cut an extra 1/4" all the way around. For the hair, cut an extra 1/4" around the top, where the hair will merge into the seam.) Spock 1
  2. Attach the grey badge piece to the front shirt piece. I used felt glue to make it a bit sturdier but you can also stitch the badge on.
  3. Using blue thread and a running stitch, sew the front shirt piece to the front body piece. Repeat for the back.Spock 4
  4. Glue together the front and back of each ear. Again, stitching will work but I glued them to make the ears sturdier.
  5. Cut slits in the hair to define the sideburns and place each ear behind each sideburn. Spock 2
  6. Starting behind the right ear, sew down the hair making sure to sew through the ears to attach them in place. Sew across forehead and down left sideburn, in front of ear, and then back down behind ear.
  7. Place the eyebrows below the hairline and sew or glue in place.
  8. Install eyes (or sew in place, if you use felt.)
  9. Stitch a straight black line for the mouth. Spock 3
  10. Line up the face with the front body piece and sew together at the neckline. Repeat with the back. Spock 5
  11. Place front and back pieces together, right sides facing, and sew together, leaving the bottom open.
  12. Cut an oval of felt just wider than the bottom opening (it should be a little over 3 1/2" wide by a little over 2" tall) and sew it to the bottom on the front side, from seam to seam, leaving the back open. Spock 6
  13. Flip the softie inside out and stuff.
  14. Optional: I sewed up a small "beanbag" full of rice to stuff in the bottom of the softie to weight it down and help it stand.
  15. Stitch the bottom shut by hand.
Spock Deskmate Standing

If you like Spock, be sure to come by Felt With Love Designs and check out Captain Kirk!

As I mentioned, Hubby is in the process of sketching out quite a few more geeky buddies to occupy everyone's desks. Do you have a favorite character Star Trek or otherwise? Let us know who you would like to see next!!

Thank you for having us today! It was a pleasure to share our latest creation with all of you! ~Alicia
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