Help me win?

Oh hey guys! Right now, Darby Smart is having a little giveaway for their designers (which includes me!) They're giving 1 designer 5k to redesign a room and I'd *love* to win.

(Darby Smart kits I designed)

How can you help my chances of winning?
Every person that views Darby Smart from my unique link earns me 1 extra entry! So, just click this link.  http://bit.ly/VGQIe8 That's it. No purchase or anything necessary. I get an entry every time someone clicks that link.

Feel free to share however you like...send eMails, post on Facebook, talk on Twitter, & post on your blog. It would make my day to win. Thanks. You're amazing.

Right now I'm in 3rd place- I'd LOVE to be 1st. THANK YOU!
Click here- http://bit.ly/VGQIe8
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  1. So excited about this contest, I'm also entering! Just clicked the link for you, good luck!

  2. I tried, but it says "Oops! Something went wrong".... :(

    1. Uh oh, thanks for letting me know! This should be the link- http://bit.ly/VGQIe8 It will (should) just take you to the darby smart home page. I get an entry every time someone clicks that link.


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