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DIY Cat Photo Bookplates

I'm excited to be guest posting today for a fun, cat-themed DIY! This project literally takes about 10 minutes and is a cute and quirky way to prepare for the upcoming school year. I'm a teacher myself, so I love the smell of school supplies and I like to try and spruce up the things that I already own to make them feel "new."

Here's what you'll need for 9 cat-themed bookplates for your back-to-school preparations!

Black and white photos of cats, printed wallet-sized
Neon ink- We used Radiant Neon Inks by Tsukineko
Scrapbooking tape runner
Paper trimmer
Black and White gel pens- We used a black Sharpie and a white Uni-Ball Signo pen.

Here's what you'll need to do to get started. Print your photos and cut them out. This is where a paper trimmer comes in handy, or you can cut these out by hand with scissors.

Next, ink the edges of the black and white photos with neon pigment ink. It's important that if you want a narrow line of color, that you do this carefully and don't put too much pressure. If you want more color, tilt the inkpad towards the photo and use more pressure.

Next, it's time to put your autograph on those photos. Seriously, give it your signature scrawl. Or, if you have bad handwriting like me, you may want to forgo the signature and try and write neatly. I wrote my name in both black and white, but I preferred the look of the white pen. I also wrote "This book belongs to..." on each photo.

When you're ready to place these in books, use the tape runner to outline the edges on the back side of the photo.

Note: because we like using the tape runner, the adhesive is permanent, these bookplates are not reusable. But I love buying a used book and seeing someone else's name inside of it; it makes me happy that other people appreciated the book enough to call it theirs, so I like to do this too. I also let people borrow books of mine frequently and having bookplates helps my friends to remember who to return them to!

In case you were wondering, these are photos of my cat. So, it's also special to me to open up a book of mine and see a photo of hers in it too. Thanks for reading, and thanks to my sister, Katie, to sharing her blog with me for the day! *best, Taylor*
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  1. Cute project. and of course Teddy is so photogenic!


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