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21 Galaxy DIYs to try!

As a nerd/trekkie, I love the galaxy trend that is happening! Lots of artists and bloggers have jumped on this trend and posted DIY's for galaxy themed projects, including me!

Today I wanted to share with you the galaxy themed projects I have posted here on Punk Projects as well as some I've found on other blogs. These are all pretty easy and would make a great project for the week/weekend!

DIY Warp Speed Galaxy Shirt

DIY Galaxy Notebook

DIY Galaxy Marquee Art

DIY Galaxy Bottle Cap Magnets

Katie from Running With a Glue Gun also shared this DIY Galaxy Frame here on Punk Projects.

Here are 16 more amazing space themed projects I've found-

1st row-
Star Constellation Art
Silver Phases of the Moon
Moon Phase Shirt
Phases of the Moon Banner
2nd row-
Galaxy Chair
Galaxy Face Art
Galaxy Envelopes
Star Trek Space Art
3rd row-
Moon Light
Gold Moon Wall
Moon Clock
Galaxy Moon Shirt
4th row-
Constellation Lamp
Moon and Star Constellation Coasters
Constellation Mouse Pad
Constellation Night Light

Are you as obsessed with galaxies and space as I am?
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  1. Pretty! I'm not a big nerd like my hubby is, but these are a tell so pretty, I would love to try one of them sometime!

  2. I've always loved your Galaxy Marquee Art and Galaxy Notebook diys! Those galaxy envelopes and constellation night light look really cool too. Also thanks for including my galaxy projects :)

  3. I finally ended up making a moon phase shirt! I used bleach, and it came out this amazing orangey color so they look like harvest moons. Sweet!


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