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Pineapple Stenciled Hand Towels DIY

Two really popular trends this summer are flamingos and pineapples. They're all over pinterest. I've already  hopped on the flamingo bandwagon, and now I'm doing a pineapple themed project.

What I like about making towels like this is you start with just one hand towel, but you end up with two of them. Also, if you're just not into the pineapple trend, you can easily customize this to fit the theme of your kitchen. Switch from pineapples to strawberries, sunflowers, etc.

Supplies: A 22x14" Hand Towel, Fat Quarter of Fabric, Ribbon, Buttons, Sewing Machine, Chipboard, Craft Knife, Fabric Paints, Foam Brush

First you need to measure your towel and cut it in half. My hand towel was 22"x14", and I cut it into 2 11"x14" pieces.

1. Sketch out your design onto a piece of chipboard. I used chipboard because it was what I'd had on hand, but if you already have some stencil material, that would be even better!
2. Cut out your design using an Xacto craft knife, using sand paper to make sure you have clean edges.
3.Gather your towel, stencil and fabric paints.
4. Using your foam brush, paint the bottom half of your pineapple with yellow fabric paint.
5. Repeat step 4 with green fabric paint and the top half of your stencil.
6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 to create a pineapple border along the bottom edge of your towel.

Repeat with your second piece of towel.

Now for the handle-

1. Cut out 2 5"x9" pieces of green fabric. Iron a hem on the bottom edge of both pieces.
2. Cut an 8" piece of ribbon and place it on top of 1 of the fabric pieces as pictured above.
3. Place the 2nd fabric piece right side down on top of the ribbon, with both hemmed edges at the bottom. Stitch around the 2 short sides and the top.
4. Flip right side out and decide where your button should go and make a mark. Stitch your button down onto your fabric (not the ribbon).
5. Hem the bottom edge of your ribbon and use small scissors to cut a button hole.
6. Slip the button through the hole in your ribbon.

To finish it off-

1. Place the top rough (cut) edge of your towel about 1/2" into your fabric opening, pin it.
2. Stitch through all 3 layers, sewing the fabric closed.

That's it! So, what do you think of the pineapple trend? Are you a fan?
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  1. This is super cute! I would love to make one with strawberries :)

  2. Great project! I love the pineapples but I especially love that my dishtowels wont end up on the floor. Cute and functional!

  3. These turned out super cute! Love pineapples!


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