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Make it Monday- Pineapple Roundup

You may have noticed that pineapple seem to be a pretty big tend this summer. They're pretty much everywhere right? Today's Make it Monday post is pineapple themed, so if you love the fruit, check out some of these tutorials!

Create a Pineapple Rhinestone Pouch using this tutorial.

Make Pineapple Shaped Crayons with this tutorial.

Stitch up this Pineapple Hexie Placemat with this tutorial.

Make these Pineapple Ring Dishes using this DIY.

Create a Pineapple Necklace using this tutorial.

Put together this Pineapple Planter with this DIY.

Create a Pineapple (and other fruit!) Keychain with this pattern and diy.

Make stenciled Pineapple Hand Towels using my tutorial.

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