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Hazel and Ruby Makery Contributer

I am thrilled to let you guys in on a secret I've been keeping! I'm now a part of the Hazel and Ruby design team! Yay! If you haven't seen Hazel and Ruby's products yet, hop over to their site and take a peek. It's total eye candy!

Today, those of us on the team are sharing a few fun facts about ourselves. I love reading lists like this, but I have a hard time coming up with them! Nonetheless, Here are mine-

  • I would be in heaven if they combined Ikea, Chick-Fila-A and a craft store.
  •  My favorite Pandora station to listen to while creating is the Film Score radio. It plays the soundtracks to Star Trek, Tron, Xmen, and epic things like that.
  • I love riding my bike. I own a Road Bike, a Mountain Bike, and a Unicycle. (yes, I can ride a unicycle).
  • I'm anti-social. I'd rather stay home with a book or watch episodes of Star Trek than go out somewhere. I hate crowds.
  • I like weird holidays like "Cow Appreciation Day" and "National Pancake Day".
  • My favorite color has always been Pink.

Hazel and Ruby offer a few free digital item on their site and I used their free Brush Script pocket cards to create these pretty cards.

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