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Book Review: Shooting with Soul

I recently received a copy of the book Shooting with Soul by Alessandra Cave from Quarry Books and reviewed it on Indie Crafts but I wanted to share it here with you guys as well!

About the book-
"Shooting with Soul is glorious and beautiful book for anyone who loves to take pictures. Whether you are an aspirational photographer, artist, creative mom, or blogger, you will enjoy expanding your understanding of this medium by exploring 44 weeks of unique and reflective prompts and exercises aimed to demystify seemingly “techie” topics and enhance your creative self-expression. No matter what camera you own, an SLR, point and shoot, or even a camera phone, this book offers tips and methods for any device that snaps a photo."

The photography in this book is gorgeous, but I guess it kind of should be since it's a photography book. ;) I love Alessandra's photography style, it's so very warm and magical.

As an amateur photographer, this book was a great read for me. I plan on going through and doing some of the prompts as well, not just reading them!

The book include tips on finding the right camera for you (phone camera, instant, dslr, etc), as well as some tips for different settings, lenses, understanding light and resources. The majority of the book however are fun, inspiring photo prompts to get you to pick up your camera and take photos of your life.

The prompts in the book almost remind me of journaling prompts, like I could also use them in my art journal. There are prompts for photographing things like the open road to photographing whatever it is that inspires you.

Overall, I really like this book! Using the prompts, I think I'll bet taking some really neat photographs that capture who I am.

You can purchase the book on Amazon, here.
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