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Tips for Scrapbooking the Everyday

If you don't already know, I'm a major scrapbooker! I love creating scrapbook layouts to document photos from trips and events. Scrapbooking is great for that, but I've been wanting an easy way to document my everyday photos without making a layout for each of them.

Since I have a love of DIY, I've decided to start a pocket page album (Project Life style) to scrapbook my everyday, using photos that don’t make it into my other projects as well as other things I want to document. 

I wanted to share my tips for getting started documenting your everyday which I think is extremely important! But it can be challenging to start a new kind of album, sometimes you don't know where to begin. The great thing about pocket page albums is that you can slide photos in and out, move them to other pages, and you certainly don't have to work in order. So, just begin with a group of photos that you really love.

For this page, I documented my garden photos. These weren't taken all at once, but on random days from about March to June. They're just photos I've taken while working in my garden, my daily garden harvest, etc. I wanted to show how much I enjoy working in my garden. 

Essential Supplies:
  • Photos -You can use any size photos, but you'll have crop them down to fit 4 x 6 or smaller. If I'm just needing one or two photos, I usually print at home. But when printing a lot of photos, it's great to use a photo printing service like Shutterfly. 

  •  Scrapbook Album -There are plenty of these to choose from. First, decide what size you want to do. The most popular size is a 12x12" album, but they also come in smaller sizes. My favorite albums are D-ring albums by American Crafts.

  • Pocket Page Protectors -These are essential for documenting pocket page style! There are multiple brands that sell them, when deciding which to purchase, be sure they fit your album.

  • 3x4" and 4"x6" Journaling Cards -Most pocket page protectors have pockets that are either 3x4" or 4x6". For those, the journaling cards fit perfectly and are an easy way to add color and places for journaling into your album. Some page protectors are square, which are perfect for using Instagram photos.

  • Journaling Pen

  • Adhesive

Other Fun Supplies:
  • Core kits -These are made by the Project Life brand and have a themed kit containing journaling cards to fit your page protectors.
  • Letter Stickers -Perfect for adding titles to your page.
  • Stickers and Embellishments -A great way to add embellishment and make it your style.
  • White and Colored Pens
  • Washi Tape
  • Stamps

Printing your Photos:
You'll want to print out your everyday photos to slide into your page protectors. As I mentioned above, most page protectors have 3x4" or 4x6" pockets. Shutterfly is a great place to get your photo printed in a 4x6" size.

Try filling out a journaling card at the end of the day, then when you're putting your page together later, you can just slide it into it's pocket.

One last tip:
Make it yours! You can easily customize this system to fit your style -- try all photos, or a certain color scheme, using mixed media, or hand drawn journaling cards! It really is 100% customizable to your everyday life.

How do you document your everyday photos?
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