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Studio Organization

My dream studio has floor to ceiling shelves, a larger stand up desk (with a stool) in the middle of the room, a separate table for my sewing machine and ScanNCut, and art all over the walls.

I don't currently have my dream studio, but I've been trying to make my supplies more organized and efficient to get to in my space. I don't have a separate room for my studio right now. We have a pretty big living room so we have a bookcase splitting it up almost into 2 rooms and half of that is our studio.

I recently went through my supplies, reorganizing them and getting rid of stuff (I gave away about 3 boxes of older supplies that I don't use much). I wanted to show you guys how I've got my supplies organized. A lot of my containers are thrifted, or even just recycled cardboard boxes. It works for me.

I keep my washi tape in the vintage wooden house shelf seen above. It's right above my table, so it's at eye level and it's super duper handy!

I saw this trick on pinterest once and it's super simple to do. You just cut a V shape into a shoe box, fold it in half and you've got a handy little box for storing things like markers! I've made a couple of these- one for storing my spray mists, and one for my favorite markers- Microns, PITT pens, etc, and water color pencils.

To keep them from looking like cardboard boxes, you can decorate them! I covered this one in gelli prints.

I love baskets for storing loose supplies. I've got things like ribbon, inks, and glue in them.

I have a whole shelf of nothing but bottles, spray cans and jars. I have a lot of spray cans (paint, sealers, adhesive), so I have them all off to one side, and mason jars on the other side of the shelf.

These are all close up pictures, because if I took one of the whole room, it would probably still look unorganized even though it is. I promise!

How do you organize your supplies? I actually love reorganizing things.
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  1. Currently my arts and crafts area is an absolute mess haha. But I love mason jars for storage, and I am constantly snagging small to medium size wooden crates at yard sales for supply storage. And I love using lunchboxes for paint storage - my acrylics are in a Batman one and it's so easy to tote around that way!

  2. Love your ideas. I love to recycle boxes too.

    Thanks for sharing.


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