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Wood Burned Hexagon Coasters

A couple of weeks ago Taylor was in town so we decided to rope our Dad into helping us do some wood cutting projects with a jigsaw. Taylor made the most amazing handmade cutting boards and I cut out these hexagon coasters.

Not only did I cut them out with the jigsaw, and burn words into them but then I decided to be adventurous and stain them using a natural dye- beets! This was my first time trying out a natural stain, and I love how the beets gave the coasters a pink tint!

When I was using my wood burner to embellish them, I decided to make them reversible and have them all say "coffee" on one side and "tea" on the other. I personally am a tea lover, but Taylor is all about the coffee. ;)

I didn't do a tutorial, but here's a peek at my process-
First I cut a hexagon out on my Brother Scan N Cut and used it as a template to cut out my coasters from a piece of wood using a jigsaw.

After that I burned both sides of the coasters.

And then let them soak in canned beet juice for a few hours.

Over all I think they turned out pretty good! Since this was basically my first time using a jigsaw they're not perfect, but I don't really care. I think they would make an awesome gift for a friend.

Do you do any wood projects? I kinda love playing with my Dad's power tools when I get the chance.
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