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Restyled Chair + Garden

Yesterday, while my Mom was out for a walk and she called me and was like”Bob put this old wooden chair in the trash, you should go grab it and restyle it!”. So, I went outside and dug it out of our neighbor Bob’s trash. It was missing an arm and was a bit weathered, but since I didn't plan to actually sit in it, I knew I could use it for something.

I decided to paint flowers all over it and put it out in my garden to hold a flower pot. Just a bit of decoration in the garden.

I have a bird feeder out in the backyard and while I was painting the flowers, multiple little birdies showed up. It was so relaxing to paint outside, watching the birds. When a couple of cardinals showed up, I decided to paint on a cardinal as well. I hadn't planned it, but I just got inspired and did it. :)

While I'm talking about my garden, I figured I'd share some photos of my plants as well! We've got the perimeter of the backyard filled with plants.

Do you have a garden?
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  1. I absolutely love this. Here in the UK I'm slowly but surely making over our bland garden but the paint has to be applied when there's no rain. tfs

  2. Love your garden space! We did a container garden last year, and it was so successful. This year we are upgrading and building a raised bed. Plus lots of flowers in the front yard beds!


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