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Have any Extra Canon Lenses?

This week my camera bag was stolen during a photoshoot I was doing.

All of my camera lenses except for the one I was shooting with were in that bag. Now I'm down to only one lens, so I'm asking any of my photography/blog friends that if they just happen to have any extra Canon lenses they would be interested in giving me, OR selling please let me know! I can't afford much, but if you have an inexpensive Canon lens, I might be interested.

Thanks! -Katie
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  1. Don't know if my other comment posted..
    That makes me so sad and mad!! If someone stole my bad, I'd have to buy another charger and more batteries. I'm so sorry that happened! PEOPLE!! Arg! :(

    1. I was so sad. Now I'm just mad at how stupid people are.

      Luckily I don't have my charger in my bag, so I still have that!

  2. I don't have any lenses, but just wanted to say I'm sorry about your camera bag being stolen. It's really a bummer when people are jerks. :-\

    1. Thanks. People can be so stupid, I was so sad when it happened and now I'm just mad. :/

  3. A friend of mine swears by this site. I haven't made the DSLR leap yet, still just point-and-shoot for me. Good luck!

  4. I'm so sorry to hear that - people are so awful sometimes. :( Best of luck finding new lenses!

  5. Definitely report it to the police. You may be able to claim the loss.

  6. What a horrible thing! Have you checked with your homeowners/renters insurance? I had my camera bag stolen from my car once and it was completely covered (not the auto, the homeowners covered it).


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