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EASY Glass Pebble Frame DIY

After seeing something like this on pinterest I decided it might be a good way to use up some of the glass pebbles I had laying around from a previous project. This was such an easy project, I wanted to share it with you!

Supplies: Flat Picture Frame, Glass Pebbles, Clear Drying Glue, Acrylic Paint and Paint Brush, OR spray paint.

1. Paint your picture frame. I used a can of Design Master spray paint from a previous project. (All of these supplies were leftovers, so I didn't buy anything for this project!).

2. Lay out your glass pebbles, arranging them onto your frame.

3. Using clear drying glue, apply it to the back of your glass pebble and stick it down onto your frame. Repeat with the rest of your glass pebbles.

4. Let your glass pebbles dry completely before standing your frame up/hanging it.

Super simple, right? Have you done any projects using these glass pebbles? You can usually find them at the Dollar store.
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