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Drawer Knob Cork Board DIY

My Mom, a Friend and I were browsing Hobby Lobby a few days ago, not looking for anything special, but we're crafters so we love Hobby Lobby. Obviously.We ended up on the aisle with all of the drawer knobs. They were 50% off so I got a few, because they were so pretty! (Okay, I really got them because I love the elephant).

I ended up using them + a bit of fabric to restyle this cork board. I like that I can hang these off of the knobs on one side of the board, and still pin things to the other half.

Supplies: Cork Board, Spray Adhesive, Fabric, Drawer Knobs + Nuts/Washers, Awl, Thumb Tacks

1. Decide where you want your knobs. I used 3 knobs, because they make a visual triangle. Use an Awl (I used one by Clover that I got in a Darby Smart kit.) to punch holes through your cork board large enough for the screws of your knobs to go through.

2. Spray the inside of your cork board with a coat of spray adhesive. Cover the frame with masking tape to avoid getting over spray on the frame.

3. Cut a piece of fabric the size of your cork board (measuring inside of the frame) and place it down onto the spray adhesive. Let that dry.

4. Use your awl to punch your holes through the fabric layer. Go through the back to find the placement of your holes.

5. Place a washer over the hole and and push your know/screw through the hole. Use a washer and a nut on the backside to secure it, but leaving a little bit sticking out the front so that you can hang things off of it.

6. I used glue to secure the nut on the backside so that the knob doesn't wobble around.

And there you have it! Taylor gave me this cork board because she no longer used it, but now that I've restyled it I'm afraid she might want it back! ;)

Have you ever use drawer knobs for something other than their intended use? There are some super cute knobs out there. They can be expensive, but if you get them on sale or with a coupon, you can get a good deal!
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