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Craft it Now by Shannon E. Miller

I am thrilled to announce that I've got a project published in the new book Craft it Now by Shannon E. Miller! Craft it Now has 75+ simple, handmade projects with something for everyone! Pretty cool, huh? This is the 2nd book I've been published in (exciting!) as well as a few magazines!

I created this Tag Mini Album using photos of wildflowers I took on one of my many camping trips. Included in the book is the pattern to make your own tag album as well as instructions and inspiration photos for decorating it!

You can find it on page 28 and 29 of Craft it Now!

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  1. congrats!!! Where can you buy the book?

  2. Congrats! It looks like a great book!

  3. This is a great book with lots of fun and easy projects. Projects, I might add, that can be done even by those of us that aren't Master Crafters! Congrats Katie!


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