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Bike MS 150

This past weekend was the MS 150 bike ride that my Mom and I have been planning for a while now. I just wanted to update you on how I did + thank you for donating!

I had asked for donations to my fundraiser and I had so many kind people donate! So, Thank you!

We rode around 40 miles the first day! I'm super excited about that because my knee is still healing from when I injured it (ice skating) back at Christmas, so I wasn't sure just how far I would be able to ride. We rode from Frisco, TX to Aubrey, TX.

After the 40 miles the first day, my knee started hurting that evening, so I skipped day 2 because Iknew I wouldn't make it far. It was an amazing ride though. Perfect weather!

Thank you again for donating! You are awesome!
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  1. Congrats , i'm happy for you!! :)

  2. Oh my goodness. I'm pretty sure I'd die after the first mile. LOL That's great! Glad you got to at least do the first day of riding!


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