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2014 Graduation Photos

Last week I went to Oklahoma to take graduation photos for my Mom and Sister. (My Mom graduated last year, and my Sister is graduating this year. My Mom didn't get any photos, so they took them together.)

Taylor is graduating from the University of Oklahoma, so these photos were taken in front of the library on campus. Isn't it a gorgeous library?

I wanted the look of Geronimo Balloons, so I bought some large balloons and made the fringe streamers out of tissue paper.

Sadly, as I was taking these my camera bag was stolen. I still have my camera, but my camera lenses (except for the 1 I was shooting with.) were in the bag. :(

So, if you happen to have any extra Canon lenses you want to donate to me, or any you would like to sell (inexpensive!) let me know!
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  1. Oh, no! So sorry about your bag! That sux! I don't have any Canon lenses, but you might be able to pick up something cheap on ebay to get you through 'til you can buy what you want. Beautiful pics! You have a great eye!

  2. Aww they're so cute! I LOVE that first one with the big balloons in front of the library. And the tassel fringe things on the balloons make them that much cuter! ;) And your sister actually looks cute in a graduation cap... Most people (like me) don't! LOL

  3. I am so bummed to hear about your lenses being stolen! I have a Nikon so I can't send you any of mine. :-( But on a happier note, I LOVE THESE PICTURES! So cute!

  4. Congratulations to both of them! I love, love, love the photos taken inside the library. I wish I had some like that from when I graduated many moons ago :)
    BTW, I also love my Anne of Green Gables shoes! They're amazing, thank you so much!
    Cindy Brooks


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