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ILTC Tulip DIY Decor

Today's project uses the stylish new Tulip for your Home line.

Created with the cost-conscious, trend-savvy DIYer in mind, this line of premium products makes it outrageously easy and super affordable to create stunning home d├ęcor looks you’ll swoon over. Make what’s old new again and what’s new downright fabulous with gorgeous pops of color and trend-right designs from Tulip® For Your Home!

When I received my box from Tulip, I opened it immediately and and was thrilled to find all of these goodies below! The stencils I received are just lovely, I especially like the chevrons.

What is awesome is that these stencils are reusable, so I can use them again and again on different projects (multiple chevron projects!). 

Supplies: Textile Stencils, Stencil Spray Adhesive, Pillow Cover, Soft Matte Fabric Paint, Paint Roller, Pillow Cover, Freezer Paper, Paper Plate.

1. Put a piece of freezer paper in your pillow case so that the paint cannot bleed through to the other side.
2. On the backside of your stencil, spray a light coat of the stencil spray adhesive onto your large stencil. Press it down onto the front of your pillow cover.

3. Squirt some of your fabric paint onto a paper plate (using it as a palette) and load up your paint roller. Roll over your large stencil, working the paint into the design.

4. Peel off your stencil and let it dry completely.

5. Use the spray adhesive to stick your next stencil down in place. Choose a contrasting color to paint your second stencil.

6. Remove your stencil and let your design dry completely.

The stencil spray adhesive didn't leave any residue on the pillow, which is awesome. A lot of spray adhesives I've used leave a sticky residue on everything.
I'm also impressed with the fact that the edges of the design came out pretty crisp (no paint bleed!). I think this is thanks to the stencil spray.

To find more inspiration using Tulips products, visit their social media!

*Tulip provided me with free products with this post.
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