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DIY Pirouline Tin Easter Basket

As part of my partnership with Pirouline, I made this little Easter "basket" using one of their larger cookie tins! You can find out more about Pirouline Cookies here: Website | Twitter | Facebook

This project is so very quick and simple! All you need is an empty Pirouline tin and a few craft supplies you probably already have!

Supplies: Empty tin, fabric, ribbon, spray adhesive, scissors, heavy duty hole punch (cropadile) or drill, Scrapbooking Letter Stickers

1. Cut your fabric down to a rectangle that will wrap nicely around your tin. I used the larger Pirouline tin and my fabric was 6.5 tall and wide enough to wrap around completely.

2. Spray the outside of your tin with Spray Adhesive and wrap your fabric around the now sticky tin.

3. Using either a drill or a sturdy hole punch like a Cropadile (what I used), Punch 2 holes across from each other on the top edge.

4. Cut a 15" or larger piece of ribbon and thread each end through the holes and knot the ends so that you now have a handle.

5. Spell out "Happy Easter" (or other phrase) using your letter stickers, sticking them to the front of your tin!

This was fun to make, I love how bright and cheerful it turned out.
If you want a fun challenge, try restyling some Pirouline tins! You can eat the yummy wafers, then get to crafting!

I was compensated with free tins for this post, but my opinions are my own! 
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  1. Thanks for the great idea. I usually use them for storage, sent them to school for the art class or put them in my recycling bin. I will pass this link on to the teachers for their kids and grandkids.


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