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Restyled Folding Chairs- Take 2

It's been over a year since I posted my restyled folding chairs which get pinned all of the time, and are definitely my most popular post. I've loved having cute folding chairs (instead of the ugly color they started as) but the paint has gotten a few scratches over the past year and the fabrics have faded so we decided it was time for a fresh new Spring update. (A restyled restyle?)

When I restyled these the first time, I didn't restyle the table. This time though, we decide to recover it as well as the chairs. We purchased all of the fabric from Hancocks and used Design Master spray paint in coral (purchased at Michaels) for the chairs and table legs.

If you want to restyle your own folding chairs, follow my original tutorial here. Here are a couple of tips-

  1. I just used regular cotton fabric. If you want to make sure nothing gets on your chairs, Put a clear plastic vinyl over your fabric, or use printed oilcloth for your fabric.
  2. Make sure your folding chairs have screws not rivets. Screws are much easier for taking apart and putting back together.
  3. The spray paint has held up really well for the past year and a half, with only a few scratches. I used a gloss paint, but if you're keeping these outdoors I might recommend an outdoor paint.

Here are some before/after posts of our chairs. The photo on the left is our first restyle and on the right is our Spring update. These are the chairs and table we originally started with.

Have you done any big restyling projects like this before?
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