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Owl Book Cozy Tutorial

My Mom sent me a picture of something like this, only it wasn't a book cozy. Being a book worm though, I though this would be the perfect little place to store books I'm currently reading. I can just put them in here and have him beside or on my bed! I also stored books in here to read on a recent road trip!

If you're not a bookaholic, this could also be used to store/hide other things. My owl, however, is a book cozy. ;)

Supplies: 2 Fat Quarters of Fabric, 1 10" zipper, Felt in various colors.

1. Cut out your owl. I had a pattern I was going to use for this, but I seem to have lost it! Cut out 2 12"x10" rectangle from your fat quarters of fabric and then shape it to look like an owl by cutting the bottom corners off to give him a bottom and cutting a curve in the head to give him "ears".

 2. Cut 1 of your owl pieces in half about 4" down from the top. This will be the back of your owl.

3. Stitch your 2 back pieces on either side of your zipper. Here's how:
Lay your top back piece face down on your zipper, lining up the cut edge with the edge of the zipper. Stitch along the edge with a quarter inch seam allowance sewing them together. Repeat with the bottom piece and opposite side of the zipper.
Iron flat.

4. On the front piece of your owl, you'll need a face! Use your imagination and cut out your face from felt. I traced the bottom of my owl onto some fleece to cut out the wings. Lay everything out onto the front piece of your owl. Pin it down.

5. Stitch an outline around all of your felt pieces, sewing them down.

6. Place your front owl piece on top of your back owl piece with the right sides facing together. Pin them.

7. With your zipper about halfway open, Stitch completely around the outside edge of your owl.

8. Flip right side out through your open zipper.

9. Iron flat and you're done!

If you make this, I'd love to see pictures!
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