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Cracked Glass Magnets DIY

I saw some cracked glass gems on pinterest, You bake them in the oven and then drop them in ice water while they're still hot so that they crack. That's what I read anyhow, But it's pinterest so you never know if it's going to work or turn into a "pintrosity".

I decided to try it and guess what... It worked! I backed mine with some paper and then turned them into some fun magents!
If you want to make your own, Here's the tutorial I used and here is how I embellished and made magnets into them:

1. Follow this tutorial to crack your glass gems. It works!
2. Choose a fun selection of papers to use. I chose some pretty patterned paper as well as some recycled book pages.
3. Coat the back of your glass gem in mod podge.
4. Place a piece of your paper onto the mod podged magnet. Let that dry completely!
5. Cut away the extra paper from your glass gem.
6. Cut a piece of magnet to fit behind your gem and use a strong glue (I recommend E6000) to adhere it onto the back of the gem.

I'm so happy that these worked! The fact that they're cracked on the inside, but perfectly smooth on the outside is really neat.
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  1. That IS really cool! I have made regular pebble magnets before, but not the cracked ones. Too cool!


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