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Bright Ideas: Get Craft Supplies for Free (Or Almost Free)! Part 1

Katie and I are often asked how we can afford so many products and craft supplies for all the projects we do. This is a challenge, usually because we’re working on so many different things at one time. We’re usually making projects for Punk Projects, custom designs for other bloggers, and upcoming holidays, all at the same time. This means a lot of craft supplies. Here are our tips for saving money on crafty things, and even how to get craft supplies for free.

Tell your friends what you make
So much of our fabric and yarn stash over the years has been given to us (for free!) by friends and family who know that we craft. If you tell your crafty friends and family what you’re working on, chances are they may have a big box of cute, vintage fabrics stashed up in their attic just waiting to be used. Currently, we’ve got a huge bucket of vintage lace trims and lots of fabric  just waiting to be used in projects, and all of these supplies were gifts and hand-me-downs from people we know. Fabric is one of the most expensive things to buy, so getting older fabrics and even fabric scraps from other crafters is a great way to save money.

Enter Giveaways
Some people are just lucky and win many contests. Katie is one of those people. We have lots of jokes about this. It seems like a week never goes by without a prize being dropped off at the door because she has won a giveaway! If you’re not so lucky, like me, it still can’t hurt to enter product giveaways on blogs and websites.
The best way to win craft supplies is to enter giveaways on blogs. If you enter giveaways on company product blogs (like Xyron ), chances are the prizes will be a-w-e-s-o-m-e. You can win prizes and craft supplies on personal blogs too (like Punk Projects!) and these tend to have the highest chance of winning. The fewer people that follow the blog, the better your chances are for having your name drawn. So, look around and find some small blogs that hold giveaways for the supplies that you like!
There’s also facebook giveaways, which are hugely popular right now. We all spend too much time on facebook already, so there might as well be prizes involved. Find your favorite supply company’s facebook pages and follow them in their newsfeed (we like DCWV- and Arrow Sewing Cabinets). Then you’ll automatically see their giveaway posts pop up in your feed!

Enter Challenges
Scrapbook Challenges are a lot like giveaways, but you have to make something to enter to win. There are usually some pretty awesome prizes to enter to win. Challenges range from layout sketch challenges to color challenges to themed challenges (for example, using a certain type of product on a project).
Our favorite place to find challenges is Challenge blogs enter their info for their challenges into that site so it’s all right there for you to find with everything you need to know.

Some of our favorite challenge sites to enter:

Come back tomorrow for part 2 of our tips!
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