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Wood Burned Key Holder

This is sort of a just-for-fun project. After getting the Wood Burning kit from Darby Smart I bought a couple of cheap wooden plaques from the store to burn.

I had a few cup hooks leftover from making this Race Number Plaque so I combined those with my wooden plaque to make a cute place to hang my keys.

I wanted to keep it simple but also cute, so I sketched out a whimsical house and some trees with a pencil before burning it. (My dream house is a little tiny home out in the woods!)

While I loved it just like it was after burning it, plain, simple, cute, I also thought that maybe a pop of color would look good. After getting a few opinions I decided to add some green to the trees using a couple of Gelato pigment sticks.

If you are wanting to make one for yourself, it's easy enough- Sketch out your design first, than burn it and screw in cup hooks at the bottom.

Wood burning is a fun new hobby of mine. Want more wood burning ideas? Check out my Wood Burned Tea Box!
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